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How to Sell

You can become a LONDIO seller if you have luxury brand items. List new and pre-owned items on our unique marketplace. It’s completely free. Make it very easy. After passing through moderation using digital and visual authentication methods, your items are added to our marketplace. If your item is found to be fake, your account will be blocked, and you no longer be able to trade of our marketplace.

Login to sell an item. If you don’t have an account, create one. Click button «SELL ITEM» located in the top right header of the website or login seller account and press button “SELL”.

Upload at least 4 photos. The first photo should have a transparent background. Do this with an image editor like Photoshop. Good photos help you sell. Follow these optional suggestions to improve your pics: Use a good camera or phone. Use good lighting. Look for areas with natural light. Find a space in indirect sunlight, next to or near a window. Try not to shoot in a dark room or after sundown when the room is artificially lit. Use a simple background. Show multiple angles. Add photos of the front, sides, top, and bottom views. Show detail. Add photos of the label, material quality, and show any defects with the product.

Fill in information about the item you’re selling. Add a Designer. Add the Size (or Sizes if applicable). Add a descriptive Item Name. Add a Description. Include the retail price, color, condition, highlights, model measurements, fitting information, estimated delivery, and any links related to the item.

Once you have finished adding all of the required elements needed to post, your item will be entered into our queue for review and listed in the appropriate section of LONDIO as well as on your individual seller page once this process is finalized. We will notify you via both LONDIO messages and email when people ask questions, submit offers, and when an item sells.