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Money Back Guarantee

Every purchase on Londio is covered by our money back guarantee. This means that as a buyer, you’ll receive a full refund in situations where your order never arrives, your item is inauthentic, or if your item differs significantly from its listing. The same goes for a seller in a situation like resolving a disputed chargeback.

Please note that any issues must be reported to Londio within 45 days from the date of sale in order to remain eligible for protection.

Buyer Protection

We ensure that your purchase is covered in case of problems, such as:

You don’t receive the item.

Your item is inauthentic.

The item you receive is significantly not as described.

Seller Protection

We ensure that your sale is covered in case of problems, such as:

Item not received. The buyer reports not receiving the item you shipped.

Item not as described. The buyer reports receiving an item that is different from what you described.

The buyer claims their money back after receiving the item you sent (chargeback).

How it works

To be eligible for protection, all sellers must ship to a confirmed address with tracking information.

Londio’s Protection Program entitles you to reimbursement for the full purchase price of the item plus the original shipping costs you paid, if any, as long as you provide compelling evidence that supports your claim.

Photographic evidence, tracking information, and written statements may be required in order to file your case.

To prove that the item is not authentic, you must provide a certificate from an independent authentication center that has the appropriate license.

Please also be sure to check your “Spam” folder for any correspondence from Londio to ensure it is promptly addressed.

Offsite Transactions

A common tactic used by scammers is to offer a discount on the asking price to entice users to go outside the Londio system. Users who attempt to conduct transactions offsite are almost always fraudulent. Offsite transactions infringe on our terms of use and may not be eligible for purchase protection. For your safety, we actively warn and ban users who attempt to conduct unsafe, offsite transactions.

Zero-Tolerance Fraud Policy

We take fraud very seriously. In order to keep the community safe for all Londio users, the Londio team constantly monitors the marketplace for fraudulent items and dishonest buyers/sellers. Our Zero-Tolerance Policy means that anyone posting counterfeit goods, posting items they do not own, or engaging in any other duplicitous behavior will be immediately banned from Londio.