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Seller Good Standing

We rely on direct feedback from our buyers to provide sellers accountability in our marketplace.

A strong user-feedback system keeps Londio transparent.

Sellers are rated on a 5-star scale for:

  • How quickly they responded
  • The accuracy of the item “as described” and how the item’s cleanliness and packaging
  • How fast they shipped

What to look for on a seller’s profile:

  • Feedback rating
  • Reviews
  • Transaction history
  • Number of listings
  • Number of followers

When a seller’s feedback score rises to 4.8 or above, he becomes The Good Standing Seller.

When a seller’s user-feedback score drops to an unacceptable level, we review and freeze their account.

Sellers have high ratings (feedback score of 4.8 or above) if:

  • Seller adds tracking within 5 working day of purchase for 95% of transactions.
  • An experienced seller top-rated for accurate item info and good communication.
  • Seller responds within 12 hours 90% of the time.